‘Painting Kit’ Woorim Sunrise


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Purchase your ‘Painting Kit’ today, this kit includes all the materials you will need to paint from home; alone, organise a group or you can even zoom a group together for a painting class (with your own drinks and nibbles) wherever your friends and family are. The tutorials will be uploaded on this website where you can click and paint along at your own pace, pausing and breaking whenever you need too. The painting kits include: Canvas 30cm x 40 cm, Artists Palette, 6 x Artists Brushes, 6 x Paint tubs, Cup, Plate, Apron. You will also find a piece of sponge within this kit as it is used as a technique for leaves. Postage is included in the purchase price and can be sent Australia wide. Message me postal address and any specific details you need added, e.g. ‘Happy Birthday Notes’

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 410 × 300 × 80 mm
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