Australian mixed media Artist, Corinne Purcell, is a lover of the great outdoors and has recently used aerial perspectives of her favourite beaches to inspire her latest collection ‘Aerial Ocean‘.IMG_5106

Corinne lived in Miranda, Sydney, Australia and after completing her schooling set out travelling around Australia on her own. Discovering this beautiful country and meeting wonderful people Corinne began selling artworks where she could to fund her travels from place to place. This traveling led to opportunities to travel abroad and sell works for international collectors, while it was nice to be traveling overseas 2020/2021 has everyone’s feet firmly on the ground and Corinne has really enjoyed this ‘downtime’ on a little island she calls home, Bribie Island, Queensland Australia.


Lately through navigating restrictions on supplies of Artists materials  in Australia, Corinne has found herself drawing on treasures of driftwood, sea glass, pumice stone then combining this with resin, acrylics, photography, watercolours and anything available she has found herself moving in a different direction and loving feeling so creative at this time. 




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